How to Manage Attendees through the Check-in Process

At long last, you have decided to invest in a conference management software. While your primary objective was to expedite and improve all processes involved in the event lifecycle, you should also focus on impressing the attendees with an effective check-in process. If you are curious how you can improve the check-in process using an established software, here are three simple steps to follow.

1.) Ask for a printed or digital copy of their tickets.

The best way to have attendees register online is using a solution called the venue management software. This way, attendees acquire event tickets tied to registrations in an event website. The very first step that your check-in staff can request from attendees upon check-in is to present their tickets. Since the world is going paperless, digital tickets may be saved in PDF format in any mobile device.

2.) Use the check-in app to read QR codes.

If you would like to know more about check-in apps, it is important that you inform yourself first of a well-known solution called the attendee management software. Through data integration between the app and the software, your staff members can easily manage guest lists on any smartphone or tablets. This type of application is ideally synced to the cloud for it to continually update itself and for it to be used in multiple mobile devices. An effective check-in app reads QR codes by simply utilising a mobile device’s camera. This means that you do not have to invest in additional hardware such as dedicated ticket readers to confirm the validity of event tickets. With a simple press on the screen – by positioning the camera on top of a QR code – attendees can be allowed entry to the venue on the fly.

3.) Print attendee’s badge and usher to seat or designated area.

To cement the check-in process, you will then need to provide badges to your attendees for easy identification. For non-professional events like concerts, you may forego the use of badges and simply distribute non-retractable bracelets, as an example, for confirmed guests. This will also allow your staff members to easily see whom they should be serving or helping throughout the event. Lastly, if your event involves payment for different seating blocks, attendees can be ushered to their designated seats after the check-in process.

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