Event Management Software with Registration and Check-in Technology

Event Management Software with Registration and Check-in Technology 1

Two major reasons why event organisers continue to invest in an event registration software are attendee registration and check-in. The software takes care of the fundamentals involved in attendee management. If you have been looking for this type of solution for your events, you should read more about an event platform. Here are processes that you may employ through the said technology:

1.) Registration and ticketing through an event management website

An event website acts as a portal to your event. Through this webpage, you may be able to advertise how the event can be beneficial to your attendees. You may also add different materials such as pictures and videos of past events to stir the attention of prospective attendees. An event website practically allows you to take charge of online registration and ticketing. This is a very straightforward process whereby your attendees can confirm their commitment to come to your event. As long as payment platforms are integrated, they can easily pay for tickets and event premiums.

2.) Use of check-in app

Check-in technology is a significant factor when it comes to the use of corporate event management solutions. Gone are the days when event organisers had to manually check guest lists on paper clipboards to confirm if an attendee has been invited or has paid their dues for the event. Using a mobile application called a check-in app, your staff can easily read tickets from your attendees through a dedicated QR code reader which utilises any mobile device’s camera. By simply hovering a mobile camera on top of the QR code, attendance can be confirmed in a second.

3.) Badge management

Last but not the least, attendees will need to have some sort of identification throughout the event. This usually comes in the form of badges which would allow everyone in the event to spot who are attendees. An event planning software for Mac will employ data integrations that will allow you to easily print out badges for your attendees based on information that they have previously logged during registration.

In Conclusion

While you may still have your doubts on why you should be investing in an all-in-one event management software, remind yourself that technology does wonders when it comes to any organised process. If the major hurdles involved in your events involve registration and check-in, you now know what type of software and mobile applications you should be using.

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