5 Features That Every Check-in Software Should Have

You may be asking yourself: why should I invest in a check-in software? The answer is pretty straightforward. You need the help of technology if you want the guest check-in process to flow seamlessly on the day of the event.

When you are working with limited staff for a big event, using simple online tools like Google Drive may not cut it anymore. You need a specialised event registration software that was designed to make the check-in process faster and free from human error.

The good news is check-in app are now optimised for mobile devices. You may stumble upon various choices online through a simple search in Google. This type of software can now be utilised through your phone or tablet, such as an iPad event check-in software.

Without further ado, here are five features that should be present in a registration check-in software:

  1. Synched to the web

A reliable software should be synched to an online database or account. This way, no matter how many devices you use on the actual day, you are assured that your entire team is getting an updated guest list all the time. Many check-in apps simply have to be connected to the internet, may this be through Wi-Fi or mobile data, to stay current.

  1. Can scan bar codes

No, you do not need to buy a dedicated bar code scanner for your event. Many conference check-in software providers have optimised their applications to read bar (or QR) codes using a device’s camera. May your team members be using Android or iOS phones, a simple press on their screens while navigating the app interface will allow them to scan the bar code found on the attendee’s tickets.

  1. Sends VIP notifications

When you constantly organise paid events, you realise that some clients are willing to pay more to get the VIP treatment. As such, a check-in app should notify your team members if they’ve scanned the ticket of a VIP guest. This way, these special guests can be ushered in through a different way or can be seated in their designated area.

  1. Ability to print badges on the spot

A good tool check-in software will also allow you to print your attendee’s badge on the spot. As long as you have a wireless printer beside you that is connected to the Internet, you can print out ready-made badges as soon as you have successfully checked-in a guest. Imagine the convenience of checking in guests in two seconds, and giving them their badge after three more seconds.

  1. Pull up and print reports anytime

Lastly, a good check-in software should allow you to pull up reports at any time and get an updated guest list. If you want to know how many people have already checked-in, for example, this information should be easily accessible through the software. It should also give you the ability to print these lists out should there be a need for it during the event.

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